Very occasionally there are circumstances beyond our control, such as the heating breaking down or local conditions making it difficult for people to get to school e.g. snow or flooding.  The school’s first priority will be the health and safety of the staff and pupils.

If Miss Terrell and the Governors decide that it is necessary to close the school, this information will be made available to parents by all of the following:


Tune into BBC Radio Oxford VHF/FM 95.2


HEART (Thames Valley) – VHF/FM 102.6 and 97.4/102.9/103.4


JACK FM – VHF/FM 106.8 and its sister-station FM107.9 – VHF/FM 107.9

Oxfordshire County Council Website

the Oxfordshire County Council website list of Emergency and Planned School Closures


Parents relaying information to each other by phone and text message

The school website

We will endeavour to place information on the school’s website as quickly as we can


If possible, a member of staff will open the school office to take calls and deal with any arriving pupils. The school will do all it can to ensure that parents are aware of the situation as quickly as possible.