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British Science Week


We celebrated British Science Week in March. This year’s theme is ‘Connections’. EYFS and KS1 learnt about animals and habitats linked to their visit to the Cotswold Wildlife Park. KS2 were involved in various scientific investigations, and activities and will be learning about significant scientists from history.

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Stand By Me – February On The Floor


We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported the ‘February on the Floor’ Appeal. This money will help to provide children across the world with the clothes, food and educational resources they need in order to have the very best start to their school day and be able to concentrate on their learning.

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World Book Day Celebrations


The children and staff dressed-up, or decorated vegetables as a book character, and brought in a favourite book to share. Throughout the week we focused on reading for pleasure with different classroom activities running throughout each day for the children. One of the activities we held was ‘The Masked Reader’ which involved our ‘Reading Ambassadors’ reading a short section from a favourite book through a filter which added a different face and voice. The children then guessed who they thought was reading the book and we then 'unmasked' the readers at the end of the week.

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Children’s Mental Health Week – Monday 6th – Friday 10th February


This year’s theme was ‘Let’s Connect’ and during this week we encouraged the children to connect in healthy, rewarding and meaningful ways.

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Active Junior Leaders


Our Year 5 children were trained as Active Junior Leaders. The training programme took 4 days to complete and was led externally by ‘Active Leaders’. Our Year 5 pupils are now trained in leading practical outdoor playground games for younger pupils with an emphasis on teamwork, confidence building and being confident role models. It also included First Aid and CPR training which was led by local student paramedics. The trainer was very impressed with the children’s enthusiasm and attitude and was extremely complimetary about the school’s ethos. Thank you and well done to Year 5!

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Christmas Festivities


We have been busy preparing for Christmas in our hearts and minds during our daily Collective Worship when we are reflecting upon Advent and the coming of Christ. Our Christmas tree has now arrived, and the children are clearly beginning to get excited! Children in Class One and Two performed the Nativity ‘Born in a Barn’ It was such a joy to see our youngest children enjoying themselves and for parents to be able to present and share their excitement. We collected for Ronald MacDonald House which provides accommodation near to specialist children’s hospitals (including Oxford) which is invaluable to families at a critical time in their lives. Our Christmas Service was led by the children in Class 3, we all sang our hearts out and it was a lovely way to finish the end of the term.

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