Our school uniform is royal blue in colour with St Faith’s crest embroidered on the clothing.

School uniform should be worn every day unless we have a non uniform day or the children are requested to wear home clothes because of a trip, event or activity that requires it.

The school colours are royal blue, grey and white. Uniform can be purchased from a company in Faringdon called ‘PMG Schoolwear.’ They can be contacted on 01895 809321 or online at PMG Schoolwear (formerly Simply Schoolwear)


  • Royal blue school sweatshirt with school logo
  • White shirt or polo shirt
  • Grey skirt / pinafore or tailored trousers for winter; blue checked / striped dress for summer
  • Sensible low heeled black shoes (no trainers)
  • Plain grey or white socks / tights


  • Royal blue school sweatshirt with school logo
  • White shirt or polo shirt
  • Grey tailored trousers for winter; grey tailored shorts for summer
  • Sensible black school shoes (no trainers)
  • Plain grey socks

Hair: all children with longer hair need to make sure it is tied back neatly and securely.

Jewellery: should not be worn except for watches. Children must be responsible for these.

PE Kit

Additional and separate from the above items)

  • Navy blue shorts
  • Royal blue polo shirt with school logo
  • Trainers or black plimsolls
  • A Drawstring PE bag – not backpack as we do not have the space these on each peg (obtainable from PMG Schoolwear)

Track suits may be worn in cold weather. School hoodies can be worn in colder weather (obtainable from PMG Schoolwear)

PE kits need to be taken home at the end of each week to be washed and brought back into school on the following Monday.

Additional items

  • An apron or old shirt is required for Art and Design activities.
  • A school book-bag (obtainable from PMG Schoolwear.)
  • A pair of Wellingtons for outdoor activities.
  • A clear ‘sports top’ water bottle.
  • A waterproof coat.
  • A sun-hat (obtainable from PMG Schoolwear.)


For swimming (for older children only)

  • Swimming costume / trunks
  • Swimming hat (Oxfordshire county regulations)

Please note that swimming goggles are only allowed if parents produce a doctor’s note (Oxfordshire county regulations).

Verrucas need to be treated and sealed by a recommended cream or gel, or covered with a verruca sock. Verruca socks are available from Faringdon Leisure Centre.

PLEASE MARK ALL CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME. This enables us to return items of lost property to their owners promptly. Please use a permanent marker or name labels.

Friends of Shellingford School (FOSS) sell nearly new school uniform. If you are interested in obtaining nearly new school uniform please contact the School Office for further information.

A full copy of this Uniform Policy document is available to download: