We are always trying to alleviate the parking issues in the village to ensure that the local residents and businesses are not adversely affected by the increase in school numbers over the last few years.

The trustees of the Mann Trust, who own the land around the green outside the school, have asked us to remind you that the area around the green is privately owned land and the residents pay towards the upkeep of the road. There is a sign stating that this area is private and is for residents parking only. Please respect this and do not park around the green or use this area to drop-off or turn around. This private road is also the route used by emergency vehicles so leaving your car parked around the green restricts their access and could increase the danger to staff and children in the school (as well as blocking residents driveways).

There are 3 initiatives that we ask the Shellingford School Family to support:

  1. Car share – so we can reduce the number of vehicles that need to enter the village.
  2. Parking further away from the school – leaving space to park close to the school for those families with particular needs, including having younger siblings.
  3. Drop off – for parents of older children who feel that they could drop their children close to the school and do not need to park to walk them in.

Please can we ask that parents do not park on the pavement as this makes it very difficult to walk safely along Church Street and again increases the risks to younger children as they would then need to walk in the road.

There are two working farms in the village that need to have space around their entrances for larger vehicles to turn. Please respect the ‘Keep Clear’ marking opposite Home Farm near the school and the entrance to Church Farm halfway along Church Street. The Parish Council hope to put markings on the road in this area too very soon.

Please share this information with any friends or family members who occasionally transport your children to or from school so that they are aware of these initiatives.