Children in Year 4, 5 and 6 headed off to Yenworthy Lodge on Exmoor in September for a week of
surfing, rock climbing and other outdoor activities with Mrs Sucksmith, Mrs Carter and myself. It
was a privilege to spend a week with the children who all embraced challenge and demonstrated
growth mindset when facing new experiences. Everyone involved showed a willingness to
successfully work together in teams and to support each other in a variety of different ways. The
Yenworthy staff commented positively about their behaviour, manners and their resilience.
Class 3 had a wonderful time exploring Warwick Castle, not even the rain and wind could dampen
their spirits! The children experienced a workshop about how to attack and defend the castle and
they explored the Great Hall in all its splendour. The children watched the most amazing falconry
display where birds of prey dived over their heads and saw an archer at work trying out his aim!
The class climbed to the top of the Conqueror’s Fortress and cast their eyes over the amazing view ofthe River Avon and the land beyond the castle walls. What a fantastic way to kick-start the topic this