Our first whole school PE event ‘Kick Ball Rounders’ took place in September. In Kick Ball Rounders the ball is rolled, then kicked by a member of the ‘Batting’ Team before the children attempt to run around the cones as in a conventional game of Rounders. All the ‘Fielders’ are involved in running to the struck ball, with the first to arrive holding it aloft and the rest of the Team assembling behind. A completed Team line requires the runner to stop their circuit.
The children competed in their teams (Maple, Ash, Oak and Pine):
o On day one of the event, with Classes 1 & 4 taking part the game was won by ‘Maple.’
o On day two, with Classes 2 & 3 the game was a draw between Oak and Ash.
It is always such a lovely event to hold at the start of the year to reinforce our PE values and to get children from different classes working together. We were especially impressed by the leadership of our older pupils.