We are excited to now have a link to Bethany School in Ethiopia.  Throughout the year we will be exchanging communications with Bethany School and fundraising for them.  We have installed a sign-post on the field to direct our attention to the local area and to represent important people in our lives such as family and friends. It also sign-posts the direction of Bethany School in Ethiopia and their pupils and staff who will be in our hearts and minds going forward.  The School Council have also written a School Prayer for the pupils and staff at Bethany School.

We are excited with this link and we will be exchanging communications, updates and photographs with Bethany School.   We are very much wanting the children to take ownership of this project and each class will be planning and promoting fund-raising initiatives throughout the year to raise money for Bethany School.   Thank you for your generous donations this week (£116.00 was raised) and everyone looked very colourful dressed in the colours of the Ethiopian flag!