At 8.00am on Wednesday 25th May the whole school departed for the Stratford upon Avon for the day! We had organised a very special trip which linked with the celebration of 400 years of Shakespeare’s legacy and our summer term’s topic of ‘All the World’s a Stage.’ Each class took part in a workshop led by a RSC practitioner; the children engaged practically with the language in the way that actors do when they are rehearsing a play for performance.  The children were involved in various ice-breaker activities and then worked on key Shakespeare scenes and speeches from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ After lunch we mustered up enough energy to take a tour around the town to see some of the main sights: Shakespeare’s birthplace, his school and his grave. After a well-earned play in the park we headed back to the coaches and returned to school by 4.30pm.  A big day out – we were tired but we all had a fantastic time!